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Thursday, November 18, 2010

was this the wrong name

for reasons i won't go into now (my morning blog time is limited) i need to state; there are good reasons the name rude eve's was chosen for our business.
the more we thought, the more we played, the more names tossed out there, the more i said it, the more i grew to love it.

was it a mistake?
one vendor actually said to me, after our order was confirmed, "phew" to which i replied "excuse me?" and she said "you are really nice, i mean, i was scared to talk to rude eve".
and i felt relieved
and oddly, sort of powerful.
not that i live wishing to intimidate people; unfortunately it is always the nice people who are nervous- never ever the assholes you despise.
i was a little proud-one of my peacock feathers stood a little brighter
and for one small moment, before i reverted back to myself
i felt kind of badass.

i liked it.

it leaves me to wonder
when did being honest become rude?
is it better to lie?
so a liar is nicer and an honest person is mean.
got it.

happy thursday

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