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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

gratitude and thanks

today we begin again. 
despite the grey weather. 
despite the shorter days.
despite ourselves sometimes, today we begin agnew.

i feel an enormous indescribable sense of gratitude towards my friends- who have so very generously gone to our site and ordered breads and focaccias.

if we had a brick & mortar place- if we had a shop with wooden shelves loaded with breads and glass showcases brimming with cheeses and dinners our friends would be there. 
if we had a shop with wooden tables covered in red checkered oilcloth ...with local art on the walls and shelves laden with books; our friends would come.
we would make a huge pot of chai
and for moment, we would take a break,
we would remove our aprons,
and wipe the sweat from our brows.
we would sit with our friends; pat & frank, janet & charlie, jenny, zilma & daniel, jo ann & auty, and bonny & sid. sly would tear a piece of just baked focaccia and pass it to his right- we would all follow- and before anyone took a bite we would say
to our friends
"this is what life is about
this is what we've dreamed of for a very long time; this here, right now, with you around us, is our best day and the one we want to remember for all days."
together we would eat
and chat 
and laugh
and love.

this is a great start.

thank you, friends.

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